Operating a Decorating Business During a Pandemic

How’s business? Are you busy with clients? This is a very common question from family members, friends, and neighbors.

In short, I am open for business and staying busy. I have had clients with projects large and small since last March. Some allow me into their homes – wearing masks and social distancing, of course, while others have passed me fabric and pillow forms out the front door so they could remedy their cabin fever with a new look. I have also finished a few art quilts for clients, including a nautical wall hanging for a home along Hull’s bay and a large floral one for a New Hampshire client to adorn her dusty rose/rusty colored kitchen walls. And I have had more and more consults by phone, too.

When not busy with clients, I am quenching my thirst for lifelong learning by participating in free online webinars. I recently ventured onto Eventbrite and searched for interior decorating classes – something you all might want to try as a diversion – and found courses on lighting, custom kitchens, organizing, decluttering, and feng shui. I’ve even participated in some workshops coming out of England and Australia. (Just pay attention to differences in time zones when choosing classes.) I’ve also benefited from dozens of business webinars, too.

I’m finding inspiration, too, by watching on-demand TV shows and via my new pastime, streaming from Discovery+. Pinterest remains my creative muse and provided lots of ideas for decorating a small boho condo in a converted factory building in Brockton.

Finally, I’m reviewing the curriculum for some of my interior decorating classes and developing new seminars and quilt lectures, including one on creativity.  I’m teaching Zoom seminars on quilt-related topics like “The Secret Codes of Quilts from the Underground Railroad” and preparing for several “show-and-tell” quilt trunk shows of my traditional and contemporary at quilts.

So, when not spending time with clients, I am finding time to rejuvenate myself and my business ventures. (Ok, enough!; this is starting to sound like one of those silly holiday letters you send out to people you have not crossed paths with all year, ha!)

IWith many satisfied clients since 2008, Barbara Graceffa owns and operates Secretary of the Interior in Quincy, MA offering decorating services at reasonable rates. If you have a blog topic to suggest or need professional help with decorating, downsizing, decluttering, or home staging and relocation services or wish to learn more about her decorating workshops and quilt trunk shows, please contact her via her website www.sec-interior.com or phone 617.921.6033.

By Barbara Graceffa

Barbara Graceffa, CEO of Secretary of the Interior, serves decorating clients; assists with professional organizing, home staging and moving assistance; teaches on these subjects; and delivers quilt lectures and trunk shows.

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