How to Boost Your Creativity

by Barbara Graceffa, Interior Decorator and Quilt ArtistSecretary of the Interior In his 2019 book, My Creative Space, Donald Rattner writes, “a creative thought is … the result of an intricate interplay of mind, body, and place.” In order to boost your creativity, focus on these three components. Adopt a creative mindset. Let your thoughts… Continue reading How to Boost Your Creativity

The Creativity Gene

Does everyone have the “creativity gene?” The answer is yes! With confidence and motivation, creativity can be learned and enhanced – just as a budding athlete or musician commits to training and practice to improve their ability. There is an art and science to creativity.  Think of right brain and left brain to better understand… Continue reading The Creativity Gene

Operating a Decorating Business During a Pandemic

How’s business? Are you busy with clients? This is a very common question from family members, friends, and neighbors. In short, I am open for business and staying busy. I have had clients with projects large and small since last March. Some allow me into their homes – wearing masks and social distancing, of course,… Continue reading Operating a Decorating Business During a Pandemic

Barbara is a quilt artist, too!

An award-winning quilter and talented artist, photographer, and floral designer, Barbara Graceffa is an interior decorator living in Quincy, MA. From an early age, Barbara dabbled in several arts and crafts, but it was not until college did she discover a passion for quilting. She made her first scrap quilt in 1980 as a Christmas… Continue reading Barbara is a quilt artist, too!