Life is Too Short For Ugly

I am often asked, “What are some of the golden rules of decorating?” Here is my favorite; the title of this column comes from a quote from interior designer David Fuller, “Design because life is too short for ugly.” Over the years, I have collected some quotes from famous decorators and authors and blogger to… Continue reading Life is Too Short For Ugly

Streamlining Sentimental Clutter

As a professional organizer, I know there are many definitions of clutter: useless trash taking up space, delayed decisions fueled by procrastination, or anything you just don’t need or love. However, sentimental clutter includes things you may love but don’t really need. Photographs, yearbooks, children’s art, grandmother’s China, collections, and vacation souvenirs are taking up… Continue reading Streamlining Sentimental Clutter

Whimsical Décor: Trade in Predictable for a Touch of Playful

Whimsy just makes me smile. Sometimes we tend to take ourselves a little to seriously when it comes to interior decorating.  Every room needs a little whimsy.  For some reason, we are comfortable shaking up our design plans in a child’s room or in our gardens, but we tend to play it safe in the… Continue reading Whimsical Décor: Trade in Predictable for a Touch of Playful

10 Questions to Help You Declutter Your Closet

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Need some tips on decluttering your closet?  As with any client’s decluttering or downsizing project, I begin with 10 questions that I am happy to share with you. The most important question is about mindset: Why am I doing this?  The likely answer is that your closet brings you stress – because it is bulging… Continue reading 10 Questions to Help You Declutter Your Closet

Too Much “Stuff”

Too much “stuff?” Excessive shopping and unnecessary accumulation lead to clutter. My one piece of advice: change your shopping habits. It’s as simple as that to prevent your “stuff” from growing out of control.  Would you be surprised if I told you there are more shopping malls than high schools in our country? Here are… Continue reading Too Much “Stuff”