Recipe for an Appetizing Kitchen

Need some inspiration or just want to know about the current trends in kitchen design? Read on! However, as you have read from my advice many times, be aware that trends come and go. My philosophy is to go for the tried-and-true options especially in cabinet colors and backsplash tiles. Remember that you will be… Continue reading Recipe for an Appetizing Kitchen

Red Rules as Color of the Year

Each year color institutes and paint companies announce a new color of the year or multi-color palettes. Sometimes the colors chosen by these experts are similar, other times not. In 2023, you’ll see powerful and energized reds, a few neutrals, while blues and greens stay popular. Since 1999, the Pantone Institute, the global authority on color, has been… Continue reading Red Rules as Color of the Year

Chill Out with a Cool Color Palette

Now that winter is upon us, it’s most appropriate to introduce the cool colors and their calming effects. Opposite the warm colors on the color wheel, you’ll find the cool color palette of blues, greens, and violets. Also called receding colors, they make surfaces appear to move away from the eye.  They give the impression… Continue reading Chill Out with a Cool Color Palette

How to Put the “Win” in Winter Décor

With shorter days and colder temps, we tend to hibernate in New England winters whenever we can.  Why not update your home with a palette to brighten your mood? For many years, we chose winter white, a yellowy white color used in both fashion and home décor but, while still popular, it has been joined… Continue reading How to Put the “Win” in Winter Décor