How to Hang Art

What is the best height to hang art on a wall? Many people struggle with this question. Most people typically choose one oftwo options when hanging art – and both of them are incorrect! Many people hang pictures, wall hangings, mirrors, wreathes, and other types of wall art too high. Others do not give it… Continue reading How to Hang Art

Plants Add Beauty and Life to Your Decor

Beyond the aesthetic value that plants add to a room, they also bring life – literally! – to a space. Doctors agree that plants can lower your blood pressure and stress levels, energize your mind, and enhance sleep.  They also naturally purify the air by filtering out pollutants from, for example, other décor pieces like… Continue reading Plants Add Beauty and Life to Your Decor

Eclectic, Not Hectic: Blending Different Styles

Say you live in a contemporary home yet like antiques, vintage items, and an artistic look.  Can you merge these into a coherent space? Heck, yeah! You enjoy an eclectic decorating scheme, meaning “derived from ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” Antique furniture and accessories are more than 100… Continue reading Eclectic, Not Hectic: Blending Different Styles

Got Glam? Tips for Stylish Decorating

An older client recently told me she loved the glamorous trend in interior design and wondered if she was too old for this style. I quickly assured her, “age doesn’t matter one bit!” Would you refrain from wearing Channel perfume or toting a Gucci or Louis Vuitton purse after a certain age? No ………. Glamour… Continue reading Got Glam? Tips for Stylish Decorating

Brave New Post-Pandemic Design World

How will the pandemic will change interior design and decorating? I foresee several important changes already in the works. When it comes to design, the open concept may be on its way out unless we find (or build) designated home office spaces in our homes. We may need to find a corner for a small… Continue reading Brave New Post-Pandemic Design World

The Cure for Design Paralysis

Do you suffer from design paralysis? Take this quiz to find out and discover the remedy. True or false: When every color in a room has equal weight, there is no cohesion or flow. To successfully layer fabric patterns, mix pattern scales from small to extra-large.  To create a comfortable conversation group in the living room, seating should be… Continue reading The Cure for Design Paralysis

Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods

Just starting out and need EVERYTHING for your first apartment (or just love a bargain and want something new)? This blog with tell you the best times of year to buy things for the home. I’d begin by making a list of the top items you need and then a second one of the those… Continue reading Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods

Barbara is a quilt artist, too!

An award-winning quilter and talented artist, photographer, and floral designer, Barbara Graceffa is an interior decorator living in Quincy, MA. From an early age, Barbara dabbled in several arts and crafts, but it was not until college did she discover a passion for quilting. She made her first scrap quilt in 1980 as a Christmas… Continue reading Barbara is a quilt artist, too!