Countertops: The Workhorse of the Kitchen

Remember the days when laminate, a pressed plastic over particle board, was the only countertop option for the average American? Today more than a dozen products are available including pressed paper and recycled glass, but it is important to consider not only beauty and price but durability, maintenance, lifestyle, and return on investment before you… Continue reading Countertops: The Workhorse of the Kitchen

Top Ten Decorating Tips

I’m often asked abut my top decorating tips. It’s about time I wrote them down! Tip#1: Plan. Of course, I do believe in the serendipitous thrill of finding something great at a flea market, while on vacation, or when you go to Home Goods to buy sheets and come home with a lamp, but in… Continue reading Top Ten Decorating Tips

Eclectic, Not Hectic: Blending Different Styles

Say you live in a contemporary home yet like antiques, vintage items, and an artistic look.  Can you merge these into a coherent space? Heck, yeah! You enjoy an eclectic decorating scheme, meaning “derived from ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” Antique furniture and accessories are more than 100… Continue reading Eclectic, Not Hectic: Blending Different Styles

Decorators Communicate, Educate, AND Accommodate

Some interior decorators come in, take charge, and tell you everything to do, and some people want that. I’d much rather be the consultative type who works in partnership with you. Most importantly, our relationship begins with good communication. Together we discuss vision, style, preferences, budget, and timeline. Many times, the client cannot articulate her… Continue reading Decorators Communicate, Educate, AND Accommodate

Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods

Just starting out and need EVERYTHING for your first apartment (or just love a bargain and want something new)? This blog with tell you the best times of year to buy things for the home. I’d begin by making a list of the top items you need and then a second one of the those… Continue reading Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods