Summer Style All Year Round

Who doesn’t like summer? Whether you think of a short vacation at a beach cottage, an extended weekend in a cabin in the woods, or a summer-long retreat to a cozy place on the lake, there’s nothing like summer to rest and reinvigorate yourself.  With the right décor choices, you can get that laid-back, kick-off-your-shoes… Continue reading Summer Style All Year Round

Decorating with Black and White: Sophistication for Any Style

If you believe that black and white can be cold and stark, keep reading because it can be striking, yet classic and simple, too. Better Homes and Gardens advises, “Take cues from high fashion, and go for bold contrast – but the most important thing is that you absolutely must be ready to make a… Continue reading Decorating with Black and White: Sophistication for Any Style

Invite Mother Nature to Guide Your Home Design

During the pandemic, looking for new ways to stay stimulated, boost your spirits, or self-motivate while working at home? Try biophilic design and eco-therapy. Bio- huh? Eco-what? I recently participated in a Sherwin-Williams webinar on these two subjects, so I’m happy to share some tips with you. Biophilia, by definition, is the love of nature.… Continue reading Invite Mother Nature to Guide Your Home Design

Got Glam? Tips for Stylish Decorating

An older client recently told me she loved the glamorous trend in interior design and wondered if she was too old for this style. I quickly assured her, “age doesn’t matter one bit!” Would you refrain from wearing Channel perfume or toting a Gucci or Louis Vuitton purse after a certain age? No ………. Glamour… Continue reading Got Glam? Tips for Stylish Decorating

The New “Bath Math” Adds up the Pieces

What ever happened to the terms full- and half-bath? Seems like we are taking inventory today when we count the pieces. Yes, the terminology has changed over the years, but I can help you understand what I call the new “bath math.” A full bath includes four parts: toilet, sink, tub and shower while a… Continue reading The New “Bath Math” Adds up the Pieces

Achieving an Elegant Interior Design

Want elegant decor? Check out this book from Timothy Corrigan, The New Elegance: Stylish comfortable rooms for today to guide you. Corrigan, an award-winning interior designer who works for the rich and famous from Hollywood to the Middle East, shares trade secrets for homeowners of any income level. He explains that all homes should be both comfortable and… Continue reading Achieving an Elegant Interior Design