Lessons on Life and Creativity by Cartoonist Charles Schultz

As a gift for my husband, I recently purchased the comic strip anthology, Celebrating Peanuts: 65 Years. While enjoying the cartoons, I found myself fascinated with the quotes from Charles Schultz peppered throughout and stories of his evolution as a world-famous artist. I pulled them together to share some lessons on life and creativity. Above… Continue reading Lessons on Life and Creativity by Cartoonist Charles Schultz

Recipe for an Appetizing Kitchen

Need some inspiration or just want to know about the current trends in kitchen design? Read on! However, as you have read from my advice many times, be aware that trends come and go. My philosophy is to go for the tried-and-true options especially in cabinet colors and backsplash tiles. Remember that you will be… Continue reading Recipe for an Appetizing Kitchen

Streamlining Sentimental Clutter

As a professional organizer, I know there are many definitions of clutter: useless trash taking up space, delayed decisions fueled by procrastination, or anything you just don’t need or love. However, sentimental clutter includes things you may love but don’t really need. Photographs, yearbooks, children’s art, grandmother’s China, collections, and vacation souvenirs are taking up… Continue reading Streamlining Sentimental Clutter

Best Places and Best Times to Shop for Home Goods

Calling my smart-shopping, bargain-hunting, kindred-spirits! Several years back HGTV Magazine published an article on the best times to shop for items needed for the home.  When I teach interior decorating, my students are thrilled to get these tips and you may be, too! Manufacturers do have sales on home products that correspond with everything from… Continue reading Best Places and Best Times to Shop for Home Goods

New Year, New Decorating Trends for 2022

Happy new year! What a great time to think about bringing more happiness into 2022 by sprucing up your home décor. So, what’s new in the new year? Let me tell you and let the decorating begin. When it comes to color, neutrals take center stage with beige replacing gray. If you’re a fan of… Continue reading New Year, New Decorating Trends for 2022

Decorating Pet Peeves

In a recent blog, “To Judge or Not to Judge?” I wrote about decorating pet peeves and wanted to share the things that miff me the most in home design. My top two pet peeves are dirt and clutter. Neither should be the focal point in any home and, if unchecked for too long, can… Continue reading Decorating Pet Peeves

To Judge or Not to Judge?

When I first meet someone new in a social setting and introduce myself as an interior decorator, one of the first questions posed is often, “Do you judge everyone’s home you enter?”  I politely chuckle and reply, “No, because I might never be invited back again!” But honestly, I do; if you think about it,… Continue reading To Judge or Not to Judge?