Laundry Rooms: 3 Steps to Form & Function

As someone living in a condo with a laundry closet in my kitchen (which doubles as extra pantry space), I envy these stylish large laundry rooms on the home improvement shows which combine both form and function. To achieve one of those beautiful spaces, follow these three steps. Assess Your Needs Don’t skip this important… Continue reading Laundry Rooms: 3 Steps to Form & Function

Debunking Paint Colors: Understanding Undertones

Ever heard of masstones and undertones when it comes to color? I’ll debunk the mystery! You know the three pure primary colors of red, yellow and blue, as well as the non-colors of basic white (the origin of all colors) and true black (the absence of color) and all colors are created by some combination… Continue reading Debunking Paint Colors: Understanding Undertones

Understanding Paint Sheens

Need help me deciphering all the different paint sheens for interior walls? It can be confusing. To make matters worse, the sheens can vary from one manufacturer to another. For example Benjamin Moore has six interior sheens – flat/matte, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss, while California Paints has separate flat and matte and… Continue reading Understanding Paint Sheens

Summer Style All Year Round

Who doesn’t like summer? Whether you think of a short vacation at a beach cottage, an extended weekend in a cabin in the woods, or a summer-long retreat to a cozy place on the lake, there’s nothing like summer to rest and reinvigorate yourself.  With the right décor choices, you can get that laid-back, kick-off-your-shoes… Continue reading Summer Style All Year Round

Bathroom Trends Make a Statement

In interior design today, everyday luxury rules in bathrooms. Many homeowners want an opulent spa-like room, and 2021 trends do not disappoint.  When it comes to fixtures, one-piece toilets, larger showers, and floating vanities without handles and with an extra thick (3-6 inch means very stylish!) quartz countertop are in vogue. If your remodel includes a… Continue reading Bathroom Trends Make a Statement