Top Ten Decorating Tips

I’m often asked abut my top decorating tips. It’s about time I wrote them down! Tip#1: Plan. Of course, I do believe in the serendipitous thrill of finding something great at a flea market, while on vacation, or when you go to Home Goods to buy sheets and come home with a lamp, but in… Continue reading Top Ten Decorating Tips

Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Simple or Simply Vexing?

Thinking of trying temporary wallpaper as a spring spruce up? As long as you apply it correctly and to the proper surface, you will enjoy your new wallcovering for many years to come. Yet, it might not be the right choice for you. Like its traditional counterpart, removable wallpaper comes in many designs, colors, and styles… Continue reading Peel and Stick Wallpaper: Simple or Simply Vexing?

Best Places and Best Times to Shop for Home Goods

Calling my smart-shopping, bargain-hunting, kindred-spirits! Several years back HGTV Magazine published an article on the best times to shop for items needed for the home.  When I teach interior decorating, my students are thrilled to get these tips and you may be, too! Manufacturers do have sales on home products that correspond with everything from… Continue reading Best Places and Best Times to Shop for Home Goods

Steampunk Decor

Steampunk is an alternative design genre, a hybrid of industrial, vintage, and retro styles using iron and other metals, wood, and leather with often an abundance of gears, pipes, clockworks,and the like. Interior décor made in this style is usually upcycled original or historical pieces transformed into an outside-the-box piece of furniture or accessory item.… Continue reading Steampunk Decor

Meet Barbara, aka Secretary of the Interior

Barbara Graceffa has more than 40 years experience creating attractive and functional spaces.  In 2008, she opened her own interior decorating business, Secretary of the Interior – serving Greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts. From historic townhouses to suburban bachelor pads, from small-town storefronts to big-city office suites, Barbara creates attractive spaces for residential and commercial… Continue reading Meet Barbara, aka Secretary of the Interior