Decorators Communicate, Educate, AND Accommodate

Some interior decorators come in, take charge, and tell you everything to do, and some people want that. I’d much rather be the consultative type who works in partnership with you. Most importantly, our relationship begins with good communication. Together we discuss vision, style, preferences, budget, and timeline. Many times, the client cannot articulate her… Continue reading Decorators Communicate, Educate, AND Accommodate

The New “Bath Math” Adds up the Pieces

What ever happened to the terms full- and half-bath? Seems like we are taking inventory today when we count the pieces. Yes, the terminology has changed over the years, but I can help you understand what I call the new “bath math.” A full bath includes four parts: toilet, sink, tub and shower while a… Continue reading The New “Bath Math” Adds up the Pieces

Monochromatic Rooms Need Texture

How do you make a monochromatic design more appealing? Monochromatic – from the Latin for “one color” – is a timeless look that’s easy to pull off, especially for those who are challenged by interior decoration. Pick a color, any color, and use various tints (white added to the color), tones (gray added to the color), or… Continue reading Monochromatic Rooms Need Texture

Brave New Post-Pandemic Design World

How will the pandemic will change interior design and decorating? I foresee several important changes already in the works. When it comes to design, the open concept may be on its way out unless we find (or build) designated home office spaces in our homes. We may need to find a corner for a small… Continue reading Brave New Post-Pandemic Design World

Too Much “Stuff”

Too much “stuff?” Excessive shopping and unnecessary accumulation lead to clutter. My one piece of advice: change your shopping habits. It’s as simple as that to prevent your “stuff” from growing out of control.  Would you be surprised if I told you there are more shopping malls than high schools in our country? Here are… Continue reading Too Much “Stuff”

The Cure for Design Paralysis

Do you suffer from design paralysis? Take this quiz to find out and discover the remedy. True or false: When every color in a room has equal weight, there is no cohesion or flow. To successfully layer fabric patterns, mix pattern scales from small to extra-large.  To create a comfortable conversation group in the living room, seating should be… Continue reading The Cure for Design Paralysis

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Last spring, I had my kitchen cabinets painted and would recommend the project to anyone! Updated functional kitchens can contribute 30-50% of a home’s market value.  Professionally painting your cabinets will add value – not nearly as much as a larger remodel, of course – but the satisfaction level is high for homeowners and that… Continue reading Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods

Just starting out and need EVERYTHING for your first apartment (or just love a bargain and want something new)? This blog with tell you the best times of year to buy things for the home. I’d begin by making a list of the top items you need and then a second one of the those… Continue reading Best Times of Year to Purchase Home Goods

Achieving an Elegant Interior Design

Want elegant decor? Check out this book from Timothy Corrigan, The New Elegance: Stylish comfortable rooms for today to guide you. Corrigan, an award-winning interior designer who works for the rich and famous from Hollywood to the Middle East, shares trade secrets for homeowners of any income level. He explains that all homes should be both comfortable and… Continue reading Achieving an Elegant Interior Design

Color Trends for 2021

What’s in popular in paint colors this year? According to Real Simple magazine, the Pantone Color Institute, the eminent forecaster, “is predicting cheerier days – and sunnier color trends.”  Invoking both relaxing comfort and a flash of energy, they chose “the warm marigold yellow, serene cerulean blue, and an optimistic yellow.”  Each paint company travels… Continue reading Color Trends for 2021